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Branding Campaigns

Though sales has always been our number one priority, we add strategic value in our industry by helping our clients overcome the one most important challenge in print media today: rebranding. Print media companies have for centuries been called "newspapers." These companies are still by far the most trusted sources of information, even when their content is seen online or through another medium such as TV or radio. Where these companies fall short is that their brand (i.e. "The Houston Chronicle," "The Washington Post") is directly linked to the print format that they have distributed for over 100 years. Their futures as the most trusted source of journalism is secure, they simply must educate their audiences on the difference between what a newspaper "is" and what a newspaper "does." Further that the title "newspaper" is no longer meant to be literal.

We have perfected this message and are leading newspapers quickly towards embracing their new identities online.

Data collection

Through proprietary technology we track conversations, behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data. This allows us to take advantage of market opportunites that other companies overlook. We also use this data to better streamline our operations, making our front-line brand ambassadors that much more prepared to take on the world.

This data is owned by Media Press Promotions and any profits made by this data are shared with the team members who captured it.

Through collaborateive talks with brand ambassadors, Media Press applies feedback towards creating technologies, leading to rapid improvement of customer experience and brand ambassador output.

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Sales Team Member


Educate customers on the role of media and journalism in society. Incentivizing customers to purchase a membership. Contribute to revenue growth and market quotas through high individual performance.


  • Full training provided
  • Online resources and classes
  • Room for growth and advancement
  • Paid travel (optional)
  • Many bonuses and awards
  • Flexible schedule
  • Access to technology otherwise not available in industry


  • Positive, "go getter" attitude
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Willingness to commute within metro area
  • Ability to self study material
  • Memorization of short presentations


Media Press Promotions is an Audience Development Firm working with major media partners. Media Press Promotions is also the industry leader in technology and innovation. MPP serves a valuable market, helping print media keep strong readership counts as they assist these same companies in their transition into the digital space.

Recruiter / Trainer


Lead new team members to success through company ambassadorship and close one on one mentorship. Encourage an inclusive and collaborative team culture. Help facilitate the improvement of new team member experience through effective communication.


  • All benefits award to team members plus:
  • Bonuses for team member achievement
  • Increased compensation package
  • Special training retreats
  • Leadership development training


  • Be a top performing agent with Media Press Promotions
  • Have a track record of collaborative success with team members
  • High integrity
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • An uplifting and encouraging attitude

Internal Placement

This is a promote from within position. Media Press Promotions team members will be invited to interview for this role pending an exemplary performance review.

Field Sales Manager


Lead a team of effective brand ambassadors and sales agents to exceed territory quotas. Manage and maintain retail partnerships to ensure sustainability of the sales territory. Oversee the onboarding, training, and operations pertaining to all team members within the territory.


  • All benefits award to team members plus:
  • Bonuses for team success
  • Increased compensation package, market overrides
  • Paid time off
  • Leadership development training
  • Vacation bonuses
  • High autonomy
  • Special management retreats and networking functions
  • C-level development training


  • A track record of stong results as a leader
  • Passing the MPP Managerial Aptitude Test
  • Referneces from superiors and direct rapports showing leadership acumen
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • An uplifting and encouraging attitude
  • Decisive, proactive, focused approach to process improvement
  • Ability to think critically and delegate effectively
  • Must be resourceful, persistent, steadfast, and high integrity
  • A working conceptual knowledge of HR, Accounting, Operations, and Sales.

MPP-MAT Coming soon

Application for this position will include an aptitude test. That test will be available here soon.

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Newspapers' survival is staked upon their ability to change how they make their money. Traditionally Newspapers have made the majority of revenue through advertising. All of that is changing now due to the over-abundance of information and advertising channels online.

Newpapers, with our help, will survive.

Online Ad Revenues Vs Print
Newspaper Subscription Revenue Rises

Our Plan

  1. Build our clients' audience:
    • Online or print memberships.
    • More than just a sale.
    • Customers intend to collaborate.
  2. Rebrand the product:
    • Educate customers on the role of journalism in modern culture.
    • Show customers the innovations print media has made.
    • Leave the customer seeing their newspaper as a brand and not a product.
  3. Build relationship development channels.
    • Data capturing software.
    • Programmatic follow-ups.
    • Algorithmic content delivery.

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